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Forestwood Athletics

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Falcons Football
Falcons Football

2020 Football Season

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2020 Falcons
2020 Falcons

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Forestwood Athletics
Forestwood Athletics

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Forestwood Falcons Football 2021
Latest News


Soccer season is right around the corner. Check out the Soccer tab for information on tryouts and calendar. The soccer schedule has been updated on the website. 



After each Track & Field meet you should be able to view results on Or click here


Track & Field season is quickly approaching with our first meet being Monday, February 28th. Please look at the following links for more information on our upcoming track and field season. 


Boys Athletic Track & Field Website CLICK HERE. All track & field information on the website is up-to-date. 


Track & Field Google Doc made by Coach Schultheis CLICK HERE


Track & Field Shirt order form CLICK HERE



Track and Soccer schedules have been updated on the website. 




If you would like to participate in our Basketball Spirit Shirt order here is the link.  


Please fill out the form by Tuesday, November 30.

Please bring in payment by Friday, December 3. 


Thank you for your support!


Go Falcons.  



Please Click here for Cross Country information. If you have any questions please direct them to Coach Schultheis (


7th Grade playoff bracket, click here



Information for football pictures, click here.



Football Team Pictures will be September 22. More info to come. 


CLICK HERE for the link to order athletic clothes.  Everyone in Athletics must have matching athletic clothes.




Friday Aug 13th 7:30-9:10

We will always end practice with 20-25 minutes to allow time to shower.  


Monday Aug 16 - 7:30-9:10

Tuesday Aug 17 - 7:30-9:10

Wednesday Aug 18 - 8:30-9:55

Thursday Aug 19 - 7:00-8:30

Friday Aug 20 - 7:30-9:10


Thursday Aug 12 2:45-4:10

Friday Aug 13 3:25-5:10


Monday Aug 16 - 3:25-5:10

Tuesday Aug 17 - 3:25-5:10

Wednesday Aug 18 - 7:00-8:30

Thursday Aug 19 - 2:45-4:10

Friday Aug 20 - 3:25-4:10 (this practice ends earlier because Flower Mound Varsity has a scrimmage)

*Please be patient with this because the schedule is fluid and can and probably will change. 



You will change into your athletic clothes and report to Coach Ballard. It is EXTREMELY important to me as your coach that you all wear the same clothes.  Please use the link HERE to order clothes if you haven’t already done so.  You do not workout on days we don’t have 8th period (Wednesday’s).  Every other day, you will be done at 4:10. 



Please show up to school on days we have 1st period dressed and ready to workout.  If we don’t have 1st period….(like Thursday) you don’t workout.  You will NOT have access to the locker room at the start of the period.  When you report to 1st period….you will report to Coach Ballard and she will give you instructions from there.  Coach Whitley or Coach Smith will also be coaching you. 


**if you need to order Athletic clothes for workouts, CLICK HERE for Carey’s order from. Store closes August 18th



Click Here for the online store for ordering Athletic clothes.  The store closes Aug 1.  Your son must have appropriate athletic clothes to wear.  



We have nothing on Monday, 8/2/21. Tuesday, 8/3/21, 8th graders playing football will show up back of school at locker room door area for a 1 hour practice from 7am-8am. Parents please be prompt in picking your son up at 8am because we have In-Service at 8:30am.  Wednesday 7th grade boys playing football will go from 7am-8am.  Thursday is 8th grade….same time. Friday is 7th grade same time, 7am-8am.  For this I PLAN ON STARTING WARMUPS AND STRETCHES AT 7am.  Please get there before 7am. 


The only thing you need are comfortable shorts and t-shirt….does not have to be Forestwood at this time and cleats.  You will not be allowed in the locker room (yet).  Please make sure you bring enough water to get you through.  YOU MUST HAVE HAD A PHYSICAL to participate.  


August 2nd-nothing

August 3rd-8th football practice 7am-8am

August 4th-7th football practice 7am-8am

August 5th-8th football practice 7am-8am

August 6th-7th football practice 7am-8am


Equipment needed: water to last an hour, cleats, shorts and t-shirt


August 9-NO PRACTICE….Sign Up Genius to issue football equipment and/or Athletic Lockers

August 10-NO PRACTICE…..Sign Up Genius to issue football equipment and/or Athletic Lockers

August 11-FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL…..8th grade we will NOT have early practice. 7th grade will NOT have after school practice on the 1st day of school. 


August 12-8th will have early practice (exact time TBD)

                 7th will have after school practice (exact time TBD)




Be on the lookout for a Sign Up Genius to be emailed out by me for your son to get his Athletic Locker and his football equipment.  We will be issuing football equipment and Athletic lockers August 9th and 10th.   I’m hoping we can get a majority of the boys lockers issued as well as football equipment.  If your son has his own football equipment, that’s fine, we just need to take a look at it to make sure it will all fit properly.  Helmets must be white with no stickers.   We pretty much supply everything.  We do have a decent supply of cleats to give away of various sizes.  They will be set out for your son to choose from if you want.   We have some mouth guards to give away…..but often times kids want to buy their own.  That’s fine.  So if your son isn’t playing football, he can still come in to get his Athletic locker….use the Sign Up Genius that I will email out.  


PLEASE REMEMBER…..your son MUST have a current physical AND completed the necessary Rank One forms.  The forms can be completed at:


Many of you have done everything are ready to rock and roll….but as I look through Rank One….there are too many that haven’t done anything.  Please get this taken care of ASAP.  If you have emailed me a photo of your physical or handed it in during JAC…’re good to go!  I have LOTS of physicals to get entered into Rank One….so Rank One may show your son is not in compliance and that’s because I haven’t entered in his physical yet.  


It’s important for EVERYONE to get out and do some sort of conditioning/running as we approach day 1.  It’s HOT. Your body needs to be acclimated to working in hot weather.  Don’t over-do it, but make sure you are ready to go.  The hotter it is, the more you need to pay attention to your diet and water intake.  


That’s all I have for right now, please make sure you complete Rank One forms.  Please make sure you have a current physical.  7/8 football starts next week.  Be on the look out for a Sign Up Genius to be issued your football equipment and/or get your Athletic locker. 



A decision will be made by 2:00pm in regards to games tonight.

Weather reminders:


  • If Thor-Guard sounds make sure EVERYONE leaves the playing area, including parents and go to a safe area.  Each stadium director will inform you of the areas the teams will evacuate to.

  • Wait for the 3 blasts before teams can return.

  • Do not cancel a game without communicating with me.

  • Please give the weather delay 30 minutes before considering a cancellation.

  • IF you started a game, then whatever the score was when the game was called, will be the FINAL SCORE.  Please input that score in Rankone.

  • IF you did NOT start a game, then that game will be a no contest. 

  • Athletics will make a decision to cancel all games by 2:00pm the day of the event.


If you are interested in a soccer shirt please click here. All questions go to Coach Ice. 



Tryouts for soccer will start tomorrow morning. Tomorrow (3/30) is an A day, which means 7th grade tryouts will start at 8:00a, cleats on ready to go on the field. 8th grade can show up around 8:35a and be on the field ready to go at 8:45a.


Wednesday is a little different because we have a track meet in the afternoon. Wednesday is a B Day which means 8th grade will be starting at 8:00a on the field ready to go, ending at 8:45a. Wednesday for 7th Grade will be interesting. Coach Smith will have everyone not in the track meet, it’s doubtful we will get much soccer work in.


Thursday (4/1), is the final day of tryouts. It is an A day; 7th grade will need to be on the field by 8:00a and will finish around 8:45a. 8th Grade will finish tryouts during First period Thursday. 


If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, remember to check the Forestwood Soccer website, it has some useful information as well. 



Soccer schedule and information has been updated. 



7th grade: We have no early practice tomorrow morning. We will play our final games tomorrow. Please see below for opponents and locations. 



2020 Playoffs

Seventh Grade - 11/30 - Monday

5:30 Forestwood DII vs Arbor Creek DII (3rd Place Game) @ Harmon HS

6:30 Forestwood DI vs Briarhill DI @ Marcus HS

Eighth Grade - 12/1 - Tuesday

5:30 Downing DII vs Forestwood DII (Conf. 8 Championship) @ Lewisville HS

7:15 Forestwood DI vs Griffin DI @ The Colony HS


Basketball season is right around the corner. If you're interested in a basketball shirt, please click here.



Please make sure everyone sells your Falcon Cards. I appreciate those of you that have already turned in your money!  Any support you can provide if you don’t want to sell is much appreciated as well.  There are few boys determined to be the high seller and get their paws on the $100 bill :)


Monday is an A day.  7th grade has early practice followed by 8th grade during 1st period.  Monday 7th grade plays McKamy at Flower Mound HS.  Division 2 plays at 5:45. Division 1 plays at 6:45.


8th grade plays Tuesday at FMHS.  Same times.  


We have navy game socks for sale.  $5. They are the same socks we sell for soccer as well.  I appreciate those of you who make sure you have the correct shirt on under your pads….whether it’s at practice or a game… should be navy, gray or white.  Little things.  If you need an athletic shirt or shorts or sweats, we have all on hand to sell.  


If you have an opportunity, go to the game tonight!  Watch your position.  Saturday/Sunday….watch football.  Regardless of the teams….WATCH and LEARN. 


I appreciate all of the hard you boys have put in up to this point.  


(football shirts that you ordered are being delivered today!!!!)



8th Grade: 

Division 1 and 2 play at separate locations today.  We both begin at 6pm.  Division 2 plays at FMHS.  Division 1 plays at The Colony HS.  Division 1…..I'm still hoping someone will film the game for us.  It’s not hard. I can go over how to do it quick with you when we get there.  


No one will go home after school today. Come to locker room.  Get food. Changed.Leave for games. Division 1 will be leaving around 5. Division 2 will leave at 5:30.  

Please make sure you fill this out.  Bus will not be coming back to school.



Division 2 game is CANCELLED.  

Division 1 game will now start at 5:30 at Harmon HS.  All Division 2 players will dress out and possibly get in the game. Playing time for Division 2 players is not guaranteed but they should be ready to enter the game at their respective positions if situations arise.  


Please make sure you fill out the google sign out and everyone should be getting signed one should be riding the bus back to the school after the game.


I apologize for this situation, but we are doing the best we can with every situation that arises.  


7th Grade:

Tomorrow is an A day.  You guys have early practice.  Now that daylight savings time has arrived, you can arrive a little earlier.  QB’s, RB’s WR’s at 6:45am.  OL at 7am.  Please be on time.  


We play at Harmon.  Lewisville’s 9th grade center.  5:30/6:30.  


No school Tuesday.  

Back to regular schedule on Wednesday.  Boys please take a picture of the schedule outside of the boys coaches office.  

8th Grade:

Here is what this week looks like. 

Tomorrow is an A day.  No early practice for you guys.

Tuesday is no school.

Wednesday you have early practice.  Now that daylights savings time is here, I want QB’s, RB’s and WR’s to arrive at 6:45am on B days.  OL show up at 7am on B days.  


Wednesday Division 1 and 2 plays at separate locations.  Division 2 plays at FMHS at 6pm.  Division 1 plays at The Colony HS at 6pm.  I need someone to film the Division 1 game since my rock solid filmer for Division 1 is playing at FMHS.  


Would anyone like to volunteer to film for Division 1?  If so, please email me.  





Right now that is the end of November, early December. 


Please continue to turn in Falcon Card money. 



Tonight's 8th grade game at FMHS has be rescheduled to Wednesday, October 28th. 



The football shirt order closes next Wednesday the 28th.  You can order as many as you want for your family.  Below is the link.


Below is the sign out link for the google doc. Please make sure you take your son home from whatever location he’s at.


District Meet Cross Country Runners

10/21 Double Tree Ranch

Congrats to the top 6 runners who will represent Forestwood at the district cross country meet!   The meet is this Wednesday at Doubletree Ranch Park in Highland Village. The alternate will only attend the meet if a teammate cannot compete. The meet starts at 5pm with 7th boys, 7th girls, 8th boys, and then 8thgirls.  You will be released from class at 4pm.  Please hydrate and be ready to bring your personal best.  This is the meet that you have prepared for.  I believe in each and every one of you and am proud of each of you!  Love you all!


7th Boys
Hayden Parker
Ian Ward
Evan Ostreicher
Ethan Murray
Ryan Permetti
Brayden Gressett
Alternate Jack Wlazowski

8th Boys
Silas Wilson
Riley Jarboe
Miller Rigby
Robert Sawyer
Gavin Parker
Elijah Luneke
Alternate Jayson Deboer


Please email Coach Ballard for questions……



There are several changes for next weeks games. Please make sure you read the following carefully.


7th Grade:

There has been a change to the game schedule for next week.  On Monday, we play at MARCUS HS against Briarhill. Division 2 starts at 5:30pm.  Division 1 will start around 6:30pm. Monday is an A day so that means 7th grade will have early 7am practice.  Tuesday, normal practice during the period. On Wednesday, there is no early 7th grade practice.  Thursday, normal practice during the period and Friday 7th grade goes at 7am.  


8th Grade:

Monday is an A day which means 8th practices during the period, 8:15a-10:20a. Tuesday, there is NO EARLY 8th practice. Division 1 will play Hedrick AT Shadow Ridge MS, game time is 5:30pm. Division 2 will be playing McKamy MS at FMHS, game starts at 6:00p.  Wednesday is an A day so 8th will have practice during the period, 8:15a-10:20a.  Thursday 8th grade has practice early, 7:00am-.8:15am  Friday, 8th grade has practice during the period.  Hope that helps?


I’m still looking for someone with a camera that uses an SD card or mini SD card to record Division 2’s game. I have someone willing  to record the game, just need the camera. 


On the football  t-shirt order, you can order as many as  you want. 



Please click here for a link to purchase 2020 Forestwood Football shirts.



Hope everyone enjoyed your extended weekend!!!


This is new….all of our (middle school) games at Flower Mound, Lewisville, Hebron and The Colony are live-streamed.  You have to subscribe and pay….but family/friends can watch from far away now! :)


I know my family back in Iowa has enjoyed watching my son play on Friday nights!  I’ve been told the picture is good. Pretty cool feature


Here is the link:


Tomorrow is a B day.  8th grade practices in the morning and 7th end of the day.  If you’re ever not sure about practice time…..PLEASE look at the practice schedule on our website….OR….the gigantic 2 million sized font calendar we have on the wall outside of our office.  There should never be a question as to practice time.


Tomorrow 7th grade D-2 plays against McKamy at FMHS at 6pm. Divison 1 will play Delay around 7. 

Wednesday 8th grade D-2 plays Delay at FMHS 6pm. D-1 plays Delay around 7. 



8th Grade:

Game Tuesday at Lewisville HS. Division 2 starts at 5:45.  Division 1 will start approximately 6:45/7:00. It’s my experience, Division 1 games rarely start on time.  Just throwing that out there.  


If your son has filled out a Jersey Mike’s form please make sure you have paid. $68 check to Jersey Mike’s.  Exact Cash is also acceptable.  After school Tuesday, Division 1 kids can go home if they want, I just ask that you be back by 5:30pm.  Division 2 will stay at school.  Jersey Mike’s food will be handed out immediately when kids come down to locker room.  D-1 can take their food home OR stay in locker room and eat.  Up to you.  D-2 will stay at school. 


We will have practice tomorrow morning.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR PRACTICE tomorrow morning.  PLEASE make sure you have washed your cloth items.  

I was told the laundry loops I ordered are on back order (of course) so you will be washing your own things for a while. 


Division 1, we will leave for the game at approximately 6pm on Tuesday.  When the game is over, the bus will return to school, however it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you get a ride home with a parent. If you do choose to ride home with a parent, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you sign out on the sign out sheet.  You cannot just leave after the game.  


GRADES. GRADES. GRADES.  Please make sure you stay on top of your school work.  If you don’t pass ALL of your classes at grade check time, you become ineligible.  You will still come to practice but you cannot go to games. 


Division 2 when your game is over, please go home with a parent.  Staying to watch Division is not gong to be an option.  Arrange for a parent to come pick you up from Lewisville High School. Please remember to sign out. 

Division 1 when your game is done, please sign out as well.  Trying to keep kids riding back to the school on the bus to zero if at all possible.  


7th Grade:

Just to update you Monday there is NO DIVISION 2 game!  The only game played on Monday is Division 1 at Lewisville HS. We play Huffines at 5:45.  Huffines does not have a Division 2 team.  


If your son has filled out a Jersey Mike’s form please make sure you have paid. $68 check to Jersey Mike’s.  Exact Cash is also acceptable.  Division 2 kids will get their food Monday and be asked to go home after school.  They CAN NOT ride the bus or join us on the sideline.  If Division 2 kids want to go to the game they MUST be accompanied by a parent and sit in the bleachers.  District is very strict about this so please abide by this regulation.  


We will have practice tomorrow morning.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR PRACTICE tomorrow morning.  PLEASE make sure you have washed your cloth items.  


I was told the laundry loops I ordered are on back order (of course) so you will be washing your own things for a while. 


Division 1, we will leave for the game at approximately 5:15pm tomorrow.  When the game is over, the bus will return to school, however it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you get a ride home with a parent. If you do choose to ride home with a parent, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you sign out on the sign out sheet.  You cannot just leave after the game.  


GRADES. GRADES. GRADES.  Please make sure you stay on top of your school work.  If you don’t pass ALL of your classes at grade check time, you become ineligible.  You will still come to practice but you cannot go to games.  



I am now accepting checks for Jersey Mike’s if you’d like your son to have a pregame box meal prior to every game. The cost for 8 games is $68. They can fill out the form today for what they want to eat and turn money in tomorrow or Friday.  Please make checks out to Jersey Mike’s.  NOT FORESTWOOD!  Jersey Mike’s will deliver each game day to ensure your son gets food prior to each game.  


Boys, please make sure you PRINT your name legibly and include your grade!  Turn forms in to me ASAP. 


Now that we have begun our game schedule, please keep an eye on the practice schedule because it changes now that we are in game mode….depending on A/B day. 


Boys you can take a picture of the GIANT practice schedule outside our office too.  


We will be ordering football shirts at some point as well.  I will provide a link for you to pay online once the vendor is ready. 



 7th Grade :

Tomorrow we have a scrimmage at Flower Mound HS at 6pm.  We will be in white practice jerseys. 

The scrimmage will be very short.  We will ride a bus to the scrimmage and it’s HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you take your son home following the scrimmage if possible.  The bus will go back to the school if you can’t take your son home.  


If you are taking your son home, THEY MUST SIGN OUT with me after the scrimmage.  You cannot just leave….find me to sign out.  




8th Grade:

Tuesday we have a scrimmage at Flower Mound HS at 6pm.  We will be in white practice jerseys. The scrimmage will be very short.  Spectators are allowed.  We will ride a bus to the scrimmage, if you want to go home with parents (HIGHLY SUGGESTED) please find me to sign the sign out sheet.  YOU MUST SIGN OUT….you can’t just leave. 



Hello everyone,


7th Grade:

Scrimmage Monday at FMHS at 6pm


8th Grade:

Scrimmage Tuesday at FMHS at 6pm


Attached is the format we will use for both scrimmages.  It will be very short and playing time is limited in this kind of situation.  


We will be dividing teams tomorrow. The teams will be posted after school.  PLEASE keep in mind, whatever team you end up on there is always potential to move UP or DOWN.  Just because you might possibly be placed on the B team doesn’t meant that’s where you will play the entire season.  Work hard in practice with a good attitude and you can move up.  Do not hang your head and kick the dirt because you aren’t placed where you think you should be.  


I’m proud of how far the boys have come so far….progress needs to be made…and attention to detail must be present.  


I will be sending out information soon on pre-game team meals from Jersey Mike’s and the football t-shirts we will be ordering.  



Hello everyone….two absolutely OUTSTANDING practices this morning!!!!!!  

Very proud of you guys! 


If you need to order clothes (and some of you do lol) please use this link to order.  YOU CAN NOT ORDER AFTER SEPTEMBER 16th!  


Those of you who are waiting on clothes, they will arrive with this last order.  For the time being, please make sure your son is at least changing into shorts and t-shirt (navy or gray).  THANK YOU. 


I finally have water to the field so your son can refill water if need be or just get a drink.  But please make sure they bring something to practice to drink water out of.  


I hope you all have a great weekend!


Please be on the lookout soon for an email from Hudl.  We use it for video and our playbook.  You will self-enroll once I send the link and can study plays and video.  I can’t stress how important it is to the retention and success of you individually and us a team.  Please take advantage once the link is sent.  


Here is the link to the online store


If you would like to purchase a Forestwood Gaiter, we will have them on sale until we run out (we ordered 400). The cost is $10 a piece. Click here to see what they look like. Bring cash or check and buy as many as you'd like. Make checks payable to Forestwood Middle School.



8th Grade Football

Well that was an interesting day…...I appreciate your patience this morning as we waited for the gas leak to be fixed. I also truly appreciate how you all arrived at the time you’re supposed to….it’s little things like that which will allow us to keep playing football!  You know how I feel about little things…..they lead to…..? 

Hopefully you’re able to finish that sentence, if not, pay more attention at practice! lol


Tomorrow is early morning practice with staggered arrival times. Once it gets light enough, we will begin circle drill and you’ll have opportunity to get LOTS of reps.  Please make sure those are QUALITY reps.  Good throws and minimal dropped balls.  


QB/RB arrive at 6:50am

WR arrive at 7:00am

OL arrive at 7:10am


We will give you guys 25 minutes to shower and clean up for 2nd period.  Virtual Plus boys you are allowed to leave around 8:15am.  Please for the love of my sanity…….make sure the locker room is CLEAN and picked up when you leave for 2nd period.  No towels left behind on floor pretty please. Borderline begging after what the locker room looked like after the tornado called 7th grade football went through it.  Please take pride in your locker room and make sure it is CLEAN before we let you go tomorrow.  


I’m proud of the progress we’ve made so far.  Good things to come fellas!  Please keep being leaders of the school.  

7th Grade Football

Boys the locker room this morning was an absolute DUMP.  I know things were a little chaotic because of the gas leak and you were probably trying to hurry to get to 1st period…..but that is absolutely NO EXCUSE to leave the locker room like you left it.  


You know where the dirty towels are supposed to go….keep in mind I wash and dry them for your convenience….that doesn’t need to happen….I’m also going to wash and clean all of your football cloth and place it all back in your locker….that doesn’t need to happen either.  


I picked up dirty towels, threw away trash, and scrubbed a chocolate muscle milk that had petrified into the concrete bench because it had been poured out and left there.  I scrubbed for 15 minutes after school.  Instead of just going home, like all of you, I cleaned the locker room.  Let me inform you of one thing right now, it is NOT the janitor’s job to clean up after your inability to be responsible and throw things away.  The janitor WILL NOT dread coming into the athletic locker room. It WILL be clean. 


Obviously i’m not very happy.  I expect better and will get better.  If you see trash or towels on the floor, pick it up and put it where it needs to go. I don’t care if it’s yours or not, we are all a TEAM, and everyone needs to do their part.  One thing you will learn very quickly is I expect the locker room to be kept clean and if that isn’t happening, those of you with older brothers, they can inform you of the next step to help “remind” you.  


The good news is we get to try again tomorrow and tomorrow is a new day for a new chance to be better.  This is probably your first experience in a locker room which is why i’m cutting you some slack but just know to get where we want to be, you must take pride in your locker room.  Please remember that.  


Tomorrow’s practice is from 3:10-4:35.




8th Grade Football

Arrival times or an A day:

QB’s and RB’s at 8am 

WR’s at 8:10am

OL at 8:20am


I ask that you wait outside SOCIALLY DISTANCED if you get dropped off early.  You will NOT be allowed in the locker room until it’s your time.  


We will come inside at 9:55am, giving them plenty of time to shower.  I will have clean towels for you them every morning. I will also be doing all of their laundry and put their clothes back in their locker.  You're welcome :) 


Once I get laundry loops handed out, i’ll do all of their laundry. 

7th Grade Football

To keep numbers down inside the locker room i’m asking that QB’s and RB’s get dropped off at 6:40am.  WR’s get dropped off at 6:50am.  OL get dropped off at 7am.  


If your parents are unable to drop you off at the above time, then you must SOCIALLY DISTANCE outside while you wait for your time. PLEASE DO NOT JUST COME IN LOCKER ROOM IF IT’S NOT YOUR TIME!


Arrival times or an A day:





We will let online virtual kids go with enough time to get home.  Please pick your son up in the back of school.  Please don’t block traffic while waiting.  


I’m encouraging boys to shower.  They don’t want to spend the entire day gross and stinky.  I will have freshly washed towels for them every day.  Once we get laundry loops handed out, I will also do their laundry. 


Tomorrow i’m going to check on clothes that were ordered.  Keep in mind, we do have some on hand for purchase.  $10 for shirt and $10 for shorts. 


8th Grade Football

When kids show up for morning practice on A/B days they need to show up at separate times based on their offensive position.  


For an A day:

QB’s and RB’s at 8am

WR’s at 8:10am

OL at 8:20am


For a B day:

QB’s and RB’s at 6:45am

WR”s at 6:55am

OL at 7:05am


This is to alleviate any unnecessary congestion in the locker room.  QB’s, RB’s and WR’s when you get dressed you immediately go outside and line up along the fence 6 FEET APART and wait for a Coach. Then you begin circle drill.  


Please, please, please pay attention to this arrival time.  

When virtual kids get picked up after practice, they will always get picked up in the front.

7th Grade Football

Just real quick….if your student/athlete is a Virtual Plus student and they are coming to school for practice, PLEASE make sure they check in through the front office. Always. Once practice is over at 4:30, you will ALWAYS pick them up in the back of the school.  PLEASE do NOT block the drive because busses and other people will need to get through.  Just find a parking spot and your son can walk to you.  THANK YOU!!!! 



Hello Everyone!!!  

It’s finally here!  The days we’ve waited for since March!!  Time to get to work in Athletics!

We have re-vamped our practice schedule.  If you have had kids go through our football program in past years, our practice schedule is much different.  This practice schedule will greatly benefit our 7th graders once High School games begin on Friday nights.  8th Grade will benefit from practicing every day also.  

The practice schedule changes from day to day, depending on if it’s an A day or a B day. If you are ever in question, PLEASE look at our practice schedule or go to the FMS Athletics Google Calendar.  If you still have questions, please email me. I’ll help if I can.  




Any boy not trying out for football this week will participate in cross country workouts, ONLY on their scheduled day and only during the class period.  There will not be before or after school practice for cross country.  7th grade will have running workouts on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  8th grade will have running workouts on Wednesday and Friday.  7th graders must have a physical to participate in workouts.  Please bring a mask, water bottle, and towel (if needed). 


If you notice, 7th graders are practicing football in the morning on A Days.  Which means they may want to take a shower before their school day begins.  I will provide CLEAN towels each day.  You will need your own soap and shampoo.  Please consider showering after those morning practices boys.  


8th BOYS….when you get to school tomorrow please report to back gym and socially distance.  6 feet. Masks on.  THERE IS NO EARLY PRACTICE TOMORROW!!!!!.  You will report to school at normal time.  


7th BOYS… will have early morning practice on Wednesday (which is an A day). 




We have a green light for practice tomorrow!! That being said, there is chance of storms in the morning. So we are going to hopefully finish handing out equipment. PLEASE abide by my request for A-L from 7:30-8:00. M-Z from 8:00-8:30. If you show up at the wrong time, you’ll have to wait outside until the correct time. Absolutely must have a mask and boys you were told too many times last Monday to stay 6’ apart at all times. If you can’t follow this guideline you will be sent home. 




We are not handing out any equipment tomorrow (9/3/20) or having any kind of practice.  Please do not show up at the school for equipment, you won’t get in.  


We will continue handing out equipment next week.  Thank you and sorry for the late notice.

For attendance, I ask everyone to check in with me on WebEx at 1:45.  THANK YOU!



Practice tomorrow, 9/2/2020, is cancelled.  

We only have cloth items to hand out to everyone and it won’t take very long at all. 

Depending on the condition of the field, stay tuned for further details on Friday’s practice.  

Right now, it’s a mess.  


Again, no practice on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for details on Friday.  


Take care everyone and stay dry!



We are going to do the same thing on Wednesday but PLEASE try to pay attention to the time you’re supposed to get there.  I know there are extenuating circumstances but we had entirely too many kids there at 7:30 this morning.  


On Wednesday we will handout the rest of the equipment….A-L (last name) goes from 7:30-8:00.

M-Z goes from 8:00-8:30.  EVERYONE can’t show up at 7:30 again.  A few of you abided by that this morning and I appreciate that. Thank you!


Originally I said 3:00-4:30pm.  Not necessary.  We are still going 3:30-4:30.  Tuesday/Thursday

Please pay close attention to this next part……..IF YOUR LAST NAME IS A-L, YOU SHOW UP AT 3:30pm.  IF YOUR LAST NAME IS M-Z, YOU SHOW UP AT 4pm.  


We absolutely must keep the numbers in the locker room to a minimum. So A-L, show up first.  Then it’s M-Z.  While you’re waiting…...PLEASE wear a mask and maintain 6’.  


We are only going to worry about handing out helmets and shoulders pads tomorrow.  We will hand out everything else on Thursday.  


If you have your own equipment, you may bring it in.  We will also be issuing Athletic Lockers. Once you get your equipment, then please leave, do not hang around.  



8th Grade…..We are going to begin handing out equipment tomorrow morning at 7:30am. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We can ONLY have a small number of kids in the locker room at a time.  Last name...first letter A-L tomorrow morning 7:30-8:00am. Last name, first letter M-Z from 8:00-8:30 tomorrow morning.  


If you want to wait until Wednesday morning you sure can.  We will definitely not get everyone done tomorrow.  Which is why we are going to use Wednesday and Friday also.  

PLEASE REMEMBER WE CAN ONLY HAVE SMALL NUMBER OF KIDS IN THE LOCKER ROOM AT ONE TIME.  While waiting your turn please wear a mask and stay 6’ apart outside until I call you in.  


This is optional by the way.  Whomever doesn’t get their equipment this week, will get theirs next week when start In-Person school.  If you have your own equipment feel free to bring it in.  I will also be issuing your Athletic Locker so you will be able to put everything up.  If you are not playing football please just wait until In-Person school starts to get your Athletic Locker. 

7th Grade…….Tuesday and Thursday 3:00-4:30.  A-L on Tuesday from 3-3:30.  M-Z on Thursday from 3:30-4:30. 


PLEASE REMEMBER WE CAN ONLY HAVE SMALL NUMBER OF KIDS IN THE LOCKER ROOM AT ONE TIME.  While waiting your turn please wear a mask and stay 6’ apart outside until I call you in.  


This is optional by the way.  Whomever doesn’t get their equipment this week, will get theirs next week when start In-Person school.  If you have your own equipment feel free to bring it in.  I will also be issuing your Athletic Locker so you will be able to put everything up.  If you are not playing football please just wait until In-Person school starts to get your Athletic Locker.  




We will not be practicing football skills this week.  Trying to get as much equipment issued as possible


FOR 8th GRADE…...we are moving practice time to 7:30am. 7:30-8:30 is our new A day practice time. Too many schedule conflicts starting at 8am.  Hopefully that helps.  Which means those of you that aren’t playing football, I will now begin my WebEx meeting with you at 9am.  Yay. 


7th GRADE…..still going from 3:30-4:30 on B days. 


FOR EVERYONE…...please please please remember a mask AND water!!  You will not be allowed to practice without both of those things. Too many kids over the last two days are missing masks or water.  Gotta have both!


Please make sure you are doing some conditioning on your own.  Those afternoon 7th grade practices are HOT so you need to prepare your body appropriately. 


On our athletic website is the cross-country schedule, football schedule and link to Rank One.  Please make sure you complete ALL of your Rank One forms.


Look under “Latest News” for those things.  THANK YOU!


Coach Jensen

(p.s. Athletic clothes orders for online purchases, closes September 16.  Those that have had recent orders, should be delivered soon)



8th grade guys...PLEASE check in with Coach Jensen on WebEx, Teams or Meetings!!! But you need to be online at 9:30am on A days to check in with me for attendance and to get any important information.  I had about 10 people not playing football in my WebEx meeting this morning.  Not good.  It should be all of you not playing football checking in with me at 9:30am on A days.  


(if you were at football practice this doesn’t apply to you….if you’ve already checked in….it doesn’t apply to you)



The practice calendar has been updated under the Football tab then Practice Schedule. 8th Grade will start their first optional practice tomorrow, August 19th from 8:00a - 9:00a and continue every other school day. 7th Grade will start their  first optional practice Thursday, August 20th from 3:30p - 4:30p and continue every other school day. Come straight to the football field for practice, no locker rooms. 

If you haven’t had an opportunity to order Athletic Clothes yet, this is your last opportunity for a while. You are not allowed to exchange if the wrong size is ordered….however...we do have some clothes to buy as well if you wanted to try a different size.  


Below is the link to the Forestwood Boys Athletics online store.



Please find the Cross Country Schedule Here.


The football schedule has been updated. It can be found under the Football tab then Results.  The full district football schedule can be found here. There are two different tabs on this spreadsheet, 8th FB and 7th FB



Information about schedule coming soon. 



Welcome back! Please open the following Google Doc for information on this upcoming athletics season.


All players need to complete the online forms that are posted at this link:

Physical forms can be found HERE


Here is how the track season has changed:

March 4th meet will move to March 25th

March 11th meet stays the same.

March 24th/25th District Track Meet will now be one day on March 30th at FMHS



March 11th we run at Lewisville HS.  Originally it was Hebron but THANKFULLY we were moved to LHS.

March 25 we will also run at Lewisville HS.

March 30 is the District meet at Flower Mound HS. 


Today's track meet at LHS has been cancelled due to weather. The next meet will be next Wednesday, March 11th at LHS.


Still no word on tomorrow, but it doesn’t look good. We will probably know something tonight or tomorrow morning. The very moment we know something, Coach Jensen will email it out. If the meet IS cancelled, we will NOT have anything after school tomorrow.  Regular after school practice will resume Thursday and Friday. 



March 11th track meet has been moved to Lewisville High School. The track schedule page has been updated.



Today's track meet at FMHS has been cancelled due to weather. The next meet will be next Wednesday, February 26th at FMHS.



Below is the link for our track & field shirt. It is Dri-Fit material. All adult sizes.  $15

Please fill out this google doc. 


ORDERS and PAYMENT are DUE by 1/28. Cash or checks payable to FMS. Please turn in to the coaches by 1/28.



New track schedule for 2020 has been updated!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is the Basketball order form.

Please fill out the google form over break, before December 4, so we may get your shirts ordered :).

Thank you!!!


Down to our final few days of football.  Here is how it will play out:


8th Grade

Friday early practice...weights open to ALL 6:45am

Monday late practice…..weights at 8am. Film during period

Tuesday LATE PRACTICE…..D2 weights at 8am


Tuesday's games:

Division 2 plays Huffines at Flower Mound High School at 5:30p

Division 1 plays Killian at Flower Mound High School at 7:00p


7th Grade

Thursday is practice until 5. Friday will be our final practice and we are done at 4.  


Monday’s games:

Division 2 plays Killian at Hebron High School at 5:30p

Division 1 plays Durham at Flower Mound High School at 7:00p


Yes we play at separate locations.  


Please find information on the upcoming cross country season here.

Pep Rally
Next Game Details

Monday, October 25th, Seventh Grade Division 1 will play Downing MS at Flower Mound HS at 6:30p. Division 2 will play McKamy MS at Lewisville HS at 5:30p

Tuesday, October 19th, Eight grade will play Shadow Ridge MS at Flower Mound HS.

We want all of our athletes to join Hudl.

Athletes, if you have not received an email from Hudl please let one of the coaches know ASAP. Hudl is where you will be able to  view our playbook.

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